Adrian Barlow

Literature and education; architecture and stained glass

I live in
Gloucestershire, having retired in 2011 as Director of Public and Professional Programmes at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. I am the current President of the English Association and series editor of Cambridge Contexts in Literature.

My recent publications include World and Time: Teaching Literature in Context (C.U.P. 2009) and Extramural: Literature and Lifelong Learning, published by Lutterworth Press in March 2012.

Writing and lecturing are important interests. I publish a twice-monthly blog on literary, architectural and stained glass topics. I am particularly interested in Victorian architecture and ecclesiology, focusing on the work of George Frederick Bodley and his circle, and am writing a book on the stained glass of Charles Eamer Kempe. I am a trustee of the Kempe Trust, and contribute a regular blog to the Kempe Trust website about progress with my research.

I am also very interested in the Great War and cultural memory, and write and lecture on war memorials and their significance.

To read more about the lectures I give, and to see a list of my recent and forthcoming engagements, click here.

You can find some of my previously published reviews and articles by visiting my Archive pages.

I continue to enjoy writing and lecturing, both in the UK and abroad. Above all, though, I believe in the importance of teaching, of teaching English, and of encouraging teachers to retain their own passion for reading and for the study of literature.